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Hyde Park Garden Fair

Carolyn and Ground Phlox
Groundcovers are indispensible plants for every garden. While they’re not showy and floriferous like peonies, iris, roses, phlox, or any number of summer-flowering annuals, groundcovers fill in spaces between plants and give your garden a more finished look. Imagine sweet woodruff growing among hostas, for example.

There are groundcovers for both sun and shade. Ivy, vinca, wintercreeper and pachysandra are reliable standbys for shade, but they thrive in the sun as well. Ivy and wintercreeper will also climb brick walls.

If you have a sunny spot where the soil isn’t the greatest, any number of sedums will introduce a solid carpet of drought-tolerant, virtually evergreen plants, and they bloom. Flowers may be pink, dark rose, yellow or white.

Other groundcovers worth seeking out are creeping phlox, creeping thyme, creeping Jenny, lamium, tiarella and more. Come check us out. We might even have a surprise or two.



Garden Fair Sale Held at
Hyde Park Shopping Center
55th Street and South Lake Park
Chicago, IL 60615