The Hyde Park Garden Fair supports the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference and its programs, as well as works to beautify our neighborhoods through gardening projects. Teachers and other individuals may apply for grants to use for public projects such as parkway and street corner plantings. Plants and bulbs are donated directly to churches, synagogues, schools, hospitals, and other nonprofit organizations. 

Over the years, we have designed, planted, and maintained several mini-gardens. One of the most interesting was the design of "Harold's Garden" (named after Mayor Harold Washington) located in East End Park, on the west side of 5200 S. Lake Shore Drive. Since it was created to be seen by people whizzing by at 45 mph, designing it was more intriguing than the usual residential garden or park. We needed bright, splashy colors, showy flowers, and large masses of plants. We used colored foliage to augment the perennial plants and ornamental grasses for exciting textures which add to the winter display and architectural structure.

We continue our neighborhood projects every summer in Nichols Park and in other areas. 

Members of the Garden Fair Committee also share their experiences and expertise at the Spring Fair. No single Garden Fair member can answer all questions, of course. But each of us can describe our own gardening experience right here in the neighborhood. We can talk about the problems we have solved and the ones we are still trying to resolve. We can tell you which Committee member knows the most about the problem you describe and where that member is on the floor of the Fair. So talk to us and ask your questions when you come to buy your plants!

There will also be reference books and seed and supply catalogs to look over. If you have general questions about the Fair itself, or if you wish to join us at the next Fair as a volunteer, or if you wish to request that we try to find a specific plant or plant group for next year, let us know!

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