If you would like to volunteer, or if you have questions, please click the below button to send us an email. When we get closer to the Fair dates, we'll have an online signup form for adder-uppers and cashiers, but you can volunteer any time. Just let us know your availability.


Setup Day (Thursday)

On Thursday, the day before the Garden Fair opens for business, we get plant deliveries. LOTS of plant deliveries. We need volunteers all day long to help with unloading the trucks, moving plants to the correct departments, pricing the plants, and getting everything organized. We usually start by 7:00 am and work until 5:00 pm, so anyone who can spend an hour or two during the day can usually find something to help with. 

Adder-Uppers (Friday and Saturday)

"Adder-uppers" are the folks who tally people's orders. We need a large number of volunteers for this role on Friday morning, and fewer as the fair progresses. But the Friday morning rush is usually huge, with many people hauling large orders of plants. Each plant has either a hand-written price on a white stabber or a color-coded price stick. The adder-uppers collects all the sticks and stabbers, enter them into a price list form we provide, and add them up (yes, calculators are included). It helps to have good eye-sight, as the stabbers often hide within the plants, plus a sense of humor. 

Cashiers (Friday and Saturday)

The cashiers are the ones who actually process the payment. The adder-uppers provide each customer with a total, which can be taken to the cashiers' tent for payment. The Garden Fair accepts cash or credit cards, and the credit cards are processed using SquareUp or similar digital equipment. If you don't know how to use the devices, you're welcome to come a little early to get some training. It isn't hard. 

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